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The Bondesson Family                       

The name Bondesson means the farmers son. All the son-names are constructed from their fathers first name and than added the son. Bondesson is the son of Bonde. Sometimes the name was not changed and than they kept their families name instead. In the end of 1800 the sons and daughters kept their original families names and did not change it any more.

The Bondesson family is part of the big family Bjärasläkten which is traced back to 1509 and the first known ancestors name is Troells from Bjära (b. 1509  d.1557). As a comparison I would like to mention that Columbus discovered America at the same time as he was born. The village of Bjära is very close to Nosaby. This family tree gives a picture of our ancestors mostly farmers for almost 500 years.  The farmers usually stayed at their farm and the farm was passed from father to son in many generations. The farmers in Skåne was very well known for being stubborn and had very much self confidence. They were very seldom knocked down by difficulties. Freedom was a golden word. The growing soil were very important and it was there they had their heart. Bjärasläkten has of course a lot of professions represented but the ‘’contractor’’ kind of people are in the majority.



Bonde Nilsson Hammar 3:2                                       



Uncle Nils Bondesson taking care of the horses and his wife is sitting close to the horses. Grandmother Boel sitting in the chair and Ellen Bondesson on the hedge.                   


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