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Jonas och Paulina Hahlin (b. Persson)                                                      

The roots for Paulina Hahlin (b. Persson) is from the Southern part of Lappland. The soil had heap of stones and were difficult to cultivate. The ancestors were extremely hard working people. They had to do it just to survive for the day. Paulinas ancestors were among the first settlers in this part of Sweden. They are for example Nils Andersson from Gafsele, Jöran Andersson from Tåsjö, Adam Christoffersson from Noret and so on.

The area we are talking about today is around Dorotea, Åsele and Vilhelmina.

There are a lot of  ancestors with Finish roots. Most of them were early settlers who came to this part of Sweden in the 15th and 16th century. They were known for having very short temper.


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