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Axel och Jenny Törngren (b. Konstenius)                                  

The ancestors of Jenny Törngren (Konstenius), Kreta and Nilo Tuoma, bought the Konstenius homestead around 1888. After he has bought it he was known as Nilo Konstenius The home itself was on the southern part of Pelttarinsaari (Pelttaris’ Island) which is an island in the Tornio River between Finland and Sweden. There was land on the island for barns and outbuildings and some fields. The estate had seven hectares of tilled land and he cleared three more hectares.

The Tuoma, Konstenius family is a large one. None of of the members were of clergy or the nobility. The church records contain good remarks about some of the ancestors. One forefather, however, was reported for working on the Sabbath. Another distilled spirits on Sunday and so received bad marks in the church books. One was spoken of as a gentleman-judge as he served on juries for a long time. This ‘’Sir Judge’’ was Nilo Konstenius’s father Erik Tuoma.

As a whole the ancestors were said to be industrious and quick workers but a bit short-tempered and proud in nature.


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