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My interest for Genealogy started here                    



My grandmother Martha Ekdahl and myself in front of PAN AM 747  bound for Boston 1974                                             

My interest for Genealogy research and my roots started 1974 when I visited my relatives in USA together with my grandmother Martha. She had never been on an airplane before and not seen her sisters Frida and Ellen for over 65 years. It was a very touching moment when the three sisters met in Boston.


Ellen, Martha and Frida at Boston Airport 1974                                      

A few years later I carried on to the West Coast and found relatives in California and Washington. They've had no contact at all with their roots in Sweden for more than 100 years.


Ola Bondesson (Nilsson) wife Beulah and myself met in Sankta Barbara                                  

I have a special interest in our relatives Overseas and have done a lot of research around the emigrated relatives.

I have also done a lot of Genealogy research on my roots in Sweden for Ekdahl, Bondesson, Viktor and Lundh. Lately I have also started with research on my wife Yvonnes roots Konstenius and Hahlin. My database has now  almost 2000 relatives from 16th Century until today.

My opinion is that if you know your history it helps when you are planning for the future.

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