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 First row  Elina, Danielle, Christia, Tobias, Jacqueline 

                     Second row Pernilla, Kari, Yvonne, Charlotte, Tommy, Linda, Henric                                    

Link to photoalbum USA 2016

Link to photoalbum St Martin in the Caribbean 2014

Link to Friday afternoon at the Castle

Link to Söder-om-söder cup på Kärrtorps IP med Tobias lag Nackdala AIS 26 October 2014

Link to photoalbum Svalbard 2014

Link to our photoalbums during 2013 just click on ALBUM or follow the link itself is

The purpose of this web site is to present our family of today and be a ''switchboard'' for our relatives in Sweden and around the world. Under the button Genealogy you will find a lot of genealogy for the families Bondesson, Ekdahl, Lundh and Wictor from Skåne in the south of Sweden. You will also find the families Hahlin from Dorotea, Lappland and Konstenius from Tornedalen, north of Sweden/Finland. Under each familypage you will find links to pages for each family. There is additional interesting documentation and old pictures.

  Press this symbol and you will be directed to the new Genealogy Database where you will be able to surf around in our familytree. It consists of 18 generations starting from the year of 1509. There is also a relation calculator. Some information is public but you will get access to all information after you have requested for id and password.   It is presented in English and Swedish. This is done through a link on the on the Homepage for Genealogy Database. The information will be constantly updated but a major update of the database was done December 2012.

The link itself to the genealogy is

 Press the symbol for ordinary mail.

  Press this symbol for application of an account to the Genealogy Database.




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